Service Bulletin 22-0010-MH1MBTU

To: All customers
Date of Notice: 1/31/22
Subject: MH1M Warm-up Period and Ducting Routing

Product Line: Maxi Heat
Model: MH1M
Serial Numbers: 36-000001 & Up
Expiration Date: None

Safety Bulletin:

1- We have found that some of our customers do not allow adequate time at start up of the machine for the Engine and Generator to stabilize before attempting to start the Burners. This creates a low voltage scenario that can only be resolved by shutting down and then restarting the unit. We will soon provide an update to our machines that will have an automatic built in delay. Until that time, we ask that when starting the units to please allow for a 15-30 second warm up period for the Engine before attempting to start the burners.

2. We have also found many cases in which the ducting of the unit has been ran incorrectly, causing continuous overheating of the machine. This can lead to premature wear of the fuel ignition system and overheating of system controls. The unit should always have the burners output facing the direction of the area intended to heat. This aims the ducting as straight of a line as possible with minimal bends. Ducting exhaust should be free of blockage. No kinks or items in the ducting.

Corrections and Instruction:

1. Please allow for adequate warm up time for the engine and generator to stabilize before starting burners. 15-30 seconds. Please inform the operators of the machine of the new instructions.

2. Please ensure ducting routing is straight with minimal bends. 150ft is also the maximum distance.

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