Our History

Founded in 1938 in a small garage in the tiny town of Huntley, Nebraska, Allmand® celebrates more than 85 years in the manufacturing business. In the midst of the Great Depression and unable to afford a new arc welder for their repair shop, brothers Leslie and Walter Allmand built their own. It worked so well that their neighbors asked the brothers to build welders for them, and the business was born. That "can-do" commitment to our customers continues today. Allmand pledges quality, high performance equipment built with the application expertise of a job site. 

Strong Past. Dynamic Future.


Introduces the Maxi-Power 25 (Allmand-built models)

Allmand reengineers the Maxi-Power 25 to be produced at the Allmand manufacturing facility.

Introduces the Night-Lite GR-Series Liquid-Cooled 6kW

Allmand introduces the Night-Lite GR-Series Liquid-Cooled 6kW light tower to add to the Night-Lite GR-Series product lineup.


Introduces the Night-Lite GR-Series Liquid-Cooled 3kW

Allmand introduces the Night-Lite GR-Series Liquid-Cooled 3kW light tower to add to the Night-Lite GR-Series product lineup.


Introduces the Maxi-Heat 1MBTU

Allmand introduces the all-new engineered and designed Maxi-Heat 1MBTU mobile heater equipped with two MCS burners capable of producing 1,000,000 BTUs of heat.

Introduces the Maxi-Power 15XR

Allmand introduces the Maxi-Power 15XR single-phase mobile generator.

KPS Capital Partners acquires Briggs & Stratton Corporation - Allmand

With a focus on transforming manufacturing and industrial businesses through safety, integrity, and innovation, KPS Capital Partners acquires Briggs & Stratton Corporation - Allmand.

Introduces 250W and 350W SMD LED Lighting

Allmand introduces SMD LED lighting as the standard light on its Night-Lite GR-Series product line.

Introduces the Night-Lite GR-Series Chain and Air-Cooled

Allmand introduces the Night-Lite GR-Series Chain and Air-Cooled light towers as compact and efficient solutions for the general rental market.


Initiates another expansion project

To meet demand for Allmand products the new expansion is initiated, the new expansion includes new powder coat line, new shipping dock, and new warehouse space for purchased parts and steel.


Introduces the Night-Lite E-Series

Allmand introduces the Night-Lite E-Series for entertainment and event markets.


Introduces Maxi-Power and Maxi-Air products

Allmand introduces the Maxi-Power and Maxi-Air product lines to expand its product portfolio.

Introduces the Night-Lite V-Series

Allmand introduces the Night-Lite V-Series as a compact and ROI-driven light tower.

Briggs & Stratton Corporation


Briggs & Stratton Corporation acquires Allmand®

With a focus on higher margin, commercial end use products, Briggs & Stratton acquires Allmand Bros. Inc.


Initiates expansion project

A three-million dollar, 40,000 square foot expansion project is initiated to meet the increased demand for Allmand light towers and heaters


Introduces the Night-Lite PRO II™

Allmand Night-Lite PRO II light tower is introduced at The Rental Show 2011 in both V-Series and Lay-Down configurations

Allmand Light Tower at night


Features V-Series configuration as standard equipment

Allmand Maxi-Lite ML-EX Series light towers feature V-Series vertical only tower configuration as standard equipment


Wins Innovative Product Award

Allmand Night Lite PRO V-Series wins RER Magazine 2008 Innovative Product Award

Allmand Night-Lite PRO V-Series

Introduces the Night-Lite PRO™ V-Series

Allmand introduces the Night Lite PRO V-Series vertical mast light towers


Introduces the SHO-HD 1250W lighting system

Allmand introduces the SHO-HD 1250W engineered metal halide lighting system on all domestic four-light light towers

Allmand construction worker in a front end loader


Introduces the TLB 6235

Allmand introduces the TLB 6235 All Wheel Drive Tractor Loader Backhoe


Introduces the Night Responder series

Allmand introduces the Night Responder series of emergency light towers

Allmand's portable power and Port-A-Lite


Updates line & introduces new models

Allmand updates the Contractor line and introduces four new TLB™ models in addition to Allmand's own backhoe in 8.5 ft. and 10 ft. models


Acquires Portable Power & Lite

Allmand acquires Portable Power & Lite, manufacturer of Port-A-Lite™ portable light stands

Allmand Night Lite PRO Model


Receives Reader's Choice award

Allmand Contractor receives 'Reader's Choice' award from EQUIPMENT WORLD, a major industry publication

Introduces the Night-Lite PRO™

Allmand introduces the Night-Lite PRO™, a smaller, more compact portable light tower, still utilizing the SHO lighting system


Introduces the SHO lighting system

Allmand introduces 'industry exclusive SHO lighting system' in Maxi-Lite® and Night-Lite™ portable light towers

Allmand's Maxi Heat Heater


Introduces the Contractor TLB®

Allmand introduces the Contractor TLB® compact loader backhoe


Introduces the Maxi-Heat®

Allmand introduces the Maxi-Heat® portable jobsite heater system

Allmand Arrow Boards


Introduces the Eclipse®

Allmand introduces the Eclipse® solar arrowboard to the ATSSA traffic safety market


Introduces the Night-Lite™

Allmand introduces its new Night-Lite™ portable light tower to the North American rental market

Allmand's Maxi-Light . portable light tower


Acquires Bemis Co.

Allmand acquires the Bemis Co., a leading manufacturer of diesel arrowboards


Introduces the Maxi-Lite®

Allmand introduces the Maxi-Lite® portable light tower

Allmand warehouse location


Moves to current location

Allmand Bros., Inc. moves operations to current location on west side of Holdrege, Nebraska


Develops parallel lamp fixture

Allmand develops and introduces the first parallel lamp fixture used on a portable light tower

Allmand's Contractor's Lantern


Incorporates company

Allmand Brothers Manufacturing Company incorporates to become Allmand Bros., Inc.


Introduces the Contractor's Lantern

Allmand introduces the Contractor's Lantern, the industry's first self-contained portable light tower

Allmand factory moving to Holdredge


Develops generator for U.S. Navy

Allmand develops permanent magnet brushless generator for U.S. Navy


Moves to Holdrege

Allmand moves its operations to Holdrege, Nebraska

Allmand's Arc Welder


Builds electric portable arc welder

Les and Walt Allmand build their own electric portable arc welder to use in their repair shop.

Forms company

Allmand Brothers Manufacturing Company is formed in Huntley, Nebraska to build and market their newly-developed electric arc welders to area farmers