Service Bulletin 21-0001-NL-GR

To: Notified Customers
Date of Notice: 10/15/20
Subject: NL-GR Series Diesel Updates

Product Line: NL-GR Series
Model: Diesel
Serial Numbers: 25-000001 THROUGH 25-000037, 25-000039 THROUGH 25-0000046, 25-000050 THROUGH 25-000052, 25-000059, 25-000060
Expiration Date: No Expiration

Description or Summary of Problem to be Corrected:

1. An additional exhaust clamp is needed between the DOC filter and the exhaust.

2. A heat shield is needed near the exhaust to protect heat sources.

3. Replace existing fuel line with 3/16" fuel line.

4. The tail light harness needs to be routed away from the heat source of the engine.

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