Service Bulletin 22-0015-MH-1MBTU

To: Notified customers
Date of Notice: 10/18/22
Subject: Maxi-Heat T-Map Sensor Relocation

Product Line: Maxi-Heat 1MBTU
Model: Heater
Serial Numbers: 36-000001 through 36-000652
Expiration Date: No expiration

Description or Summary of Improvement:

1. The T-Map sensor has been relocated to the bottom of the control panel. The original location exposed the sensor to the elements and  made it easier for debris to accumulate inside the tip of the sensor. If the T-Map is covered with dust or dirt it can miscalculate the air  band adjustment. Incorrect air band adjustments can compromise the air to fuel ratio of the burner. Relocating the sensor helps to  extend the life of the T-Map and eliminates buildup of dust or debris.

Corrections and Instruction:

1. Relocate the T-Map sensor from the original location to the new designated area. Kit 124435 will provide the parts and instructions for  the update of the T-Map. Page 2 provides an example of the original location and the new location of the sensor. Units with T-Map's in  the original location will operate and work correctly; the kit is an optional upgrade.

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