Service Bulletin 22-0018-MH-1MBTU

To: Notified customers
Date of Notice: 3/15/23
Subject: Loose Axle Mount Hardware

Product Line: Maxi-Heat 1MBTU
Model: Heater
Serial Numbers: 36-001279 to 36-001323
Expiration Date: No expiration

Description or Summary of Problem to Be Corrected:

The locking nuts that attach the front axle bolt and rear leaf spring shackles may be loose. Loose locking nuts can cause unwanted movement of the shackles. This results in the axle becoming misaligned or coming off its mounting position. Page two provides examples and steps of the problem.

Corrections and Instruction:

Page three provides detailed instructions of the correct mounting specifications and specific torque instructions. Inspect the lock nuts that connect the front axle bolt and rear shackle bolts to the trailer frame and ensure they are not loose. The shackle should not have any movement and be properly aligned and secured to the frame hanger. The locking nut needs to be torqued to 50 ft. lbs. A minimum of two thread pitches should extend beyond the top surface of the nut.

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