Service Bulletin 22-0012-MH-1MBTU

To: Notified customers
Date of Notice: 9/8/22
Subject: Maxi-Heat 1MBTU Duct Install & Routing

Product Line: Maxi-Heat 1MBTU
Model: Heater
Serial Numbers: 36-000001 & Up
Expiration Date: No expiration

Description or Summary of Problem to Be Corrected:

1. Ducting that is routed incorrectly can create operational issues. Back Pressure is one of the primary examples of potential problems that  can arise from kinked or pinched duct work. Too much back pressure can increase cabin temperatures resulting in the burners shutting off  for high temp. These faults will create more frequent shut downs and will trip the safety thermostat. Running in this manner will increase  your operational costs. 

2. Air recirculation caps left on the unit can cause the burners to operate incorrectly and overheat which will damage the heater unit.  Running in this manner will increase your operational costs. Damages attributed to incorrectly operating the machine will void warranty. 

Corrections and Instruction:

1. Review page two and three for additional instructions and clarification on how to properly route ducting for each burner.  

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