Supplier Information

Briggs & Stratton is excited to have Allmand as part of our family of businesses. We are looking to help support and grow the Allmand business in this new relationship by utilizing the Briggs & Stratton distribution network. As part of this acquisition, we are equally excited for Allmand suppliers to be part of the Briggs & Stratton organization.

We look forward to getting to know each and every supplier and the product and/or services you provide us. We are anxious to introduce your company to our other Briggs & Stratton businesses to explore these new relationships and potential future opportunities. Hopefully, this new partnership will lead to increased growth opportunities for both us and our suppliers.

As part of this Allmand transition into Briggs & Stratton, we have purchasing policies and procedures that our new suppliers must comply with in order for us to continue to do business together. You will be asked to acknowledge and sign-off on certain policies and procedures to show your understanding or compliance to the policy.

Below please find some of these policies and procedures:

  • Briggs & Stratton Standard Terms & Conditions – Standard terms at which Briggs & Stratton does business with our suppliers.
  • Code of Conduct – We have a Code of Conduct that explains our expectations of how we interact in a supplier/customer relationship.
  • Confidentiality Agreement – Safeguards information shared between Briggs & Stratton and our suppliers.
  • Material Compliance – Regulatory specification which restricts certain substances from being used in our products which must be complied with from our supplier base. These standards may be required from specific regions of the world, but most have been adopted globally.

Again, welcome to the Briggs & Stratton family of suppliers. We look forward to working with you through this integration process. We hope to continue the strong relationship with you as we expand our business. 

Please feel free to call your Buyer if you have question regarding this matter.