What is SLS™ Lighting Control?

SLS™ Lighting Control is:

  • Standard on all light towers
  • Controls relays that turn lights on/off
  • Protects generator from damage
  • Allows customer to just use the key for operation of the tower

The SLS system™ is a sequenced start up and shutdown process eliminating the need for manually turning on and off the lights during the startup and shutdown process. This results in less complexity for the operator and in turn protects the generator to increase the life of the overall power system.

Once the power from the key switch is turned to the run position and the SLS™ module receives a signal that the generator is producing power, the SLS™ module begins the engine protection scheme.

If the SLS™ does not receive a signal from the generator, it will shut the engine down after a one minute delay. If working properly, the engine protection scheme starts the engine prior to turning on the lights to allow a cold engine to warm up. Once the engine is at the proper coolant temperature and oil pressure, the SLS™ will sequentially turn on lights, gradually adding load to the generator to prevent capacitor failure at startup.

In turn, when the key switch is turned to the off position, the SLS™ module will sequentially turn the lights off and proceed to shut the engine down, all which occurs within less than one second. This engine protection system gradually reduces the load to the generator to work to prevent capacitor failure at shutdown.

This protective system provides a more reliable product for end users, allowing for less service calls and minimizing service related expenses, and the hassles of warranty or maintenance expenses.