Night-Lite™ GR-Series Air Cooled

Night-Lite™ GR-Series Air Cooled


The Night-Lite™ GR-Series Air Cooled light tower is the compact workhorse any job site needs. The air-cooled Yanmar diesel engine results in ample power for the LED fixtures, and the 48-gallon fuel tank, provides up to 257 hours of run time with 750-hour oil change intervals. This unit features four LED fixtures with 204,488 total lumens and 38,610 ft2 area at 0.5 ft-c, resulting in a 19% increase in lumen output and 19,084 ft2 additional area of light, when compared to the leading competitor!  The Night-Lite TM GR-Series Air Cooled light tower provides plenty of light for any space working longer, bigger and brighter so you can be out on a job site getting more work done.

For a tutorial video and more product support, visit the Night-Lite™ GR-Series Air Cooled operations page.



Flexible lighting with a vertical mast extending to 23 feet

Deep Sea L401 Controller 

  • 16 Event Scheduler programmable to operate up to 4 load outputs
  • Configurable to run automatically between sunset and sunrise
  • Heated display option ensures operation in extreme cold weather

Compact Design

Fit 20 units on a 48 ft flatbed, 22 units on a 53 ft flatbed, more units for the same shipping cost

Heavy-duty Leveling Jacks

Vertical Tower

Easy to raise and lower with a dual‑handle manual winch


Simple, easy to use

Easy Access

Wide area rear door for ease of access maintenance

CSA Approved

SMD Style LEDs

Forklift Pockets

Easily load and unload equipment

Lifting Eye

359 degree rotation

Increase flexibility in light spread

Standard Trailer Coupler 2” ball


Steel tongue jack foldable with dual pins, 3 point outriggers

Service Interval

750 hour oil change interval

Fuel Tank

48-gallon fuel tank extends operation

Up to 257 hour run time

Air-cooled engine

Operating Temperatures

Of -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit

12% better Total Cost of ownership†

Than a leading competitor

Welded Steel Frame with Lockable Door

(4) LED Light Fixtures 350W 

Each 51,112 per lamp, 204,488 total

(4) LED Light Fixtures 250W

Each 38,081 per Lamp, 152,324 Total


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Engine Brand
Engine Prime Power (kW)**
Horsepower (@ 3,600 RPM)****
Engine Tier
Tier 4 Final
LED Wattage (350W)
350 W
Light Output (350W) - Per Lamp (Lumens)
Lumens Total (350W)
LED Wattage (250W)
250 W
Light Output (250W) - Per Lamp (Lumens)
Lumens Total (250W)
Operating Time (Hrs) 250 W LED
Operating Time (Hrs) 350 W LED
Shipping Weight lbs (kg)
1000 (453.60)
Net Weight - Dry (lbs)
Net Weight - Wet (lbs)
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) lbs (kg)
1750 (793.78)
20 units on a 48’ flatbed trailer 22 units on a 53’ flatbed trailer
Length Operating in (mm)
6.4ft (1955.8mm)
Width Operating in (mm)
4 (1244.6)
Max Height ft (m)
Height* Mast Lowered in (mm)
8.2 (2489.2)
48 (181.7)

*Prime generator electrical output per Allmand® testing.
** Based on one hour run test full fuel tank consumption.
*** All power levels are stated gross horsepower as rated by the engines© manufacturers.
†Based on 5 yrs of service and industry residual value
Allmand® has a policy of continuous product improvement and reserves the right to modify its specifications at any time and without prior notice. See operator’s manual for complete warranty details.


(4) LED Light Fixtures 250W

Skid Mount

Custom Paint