The Right Way to Right Size

March 20, 2019 — Powering your customer’s job site isn’t about doing what you’ve always done. Changing how you spec job site generators can improve your customer’s operations and increase uptime and productivity — all while meeting new Tier 4 emissions regulations.

Brett Shive, senior field service technician at Allmand, tells all on how to right size for the job site.

Q. How does Tier 4 Final impact generator size considerations?

A. The latest Tier 4 Final emissions on diesel engines has — and will continue to — change the generator rental market.  Additionally, the rental market is undergoing a paradigm shift as rental houses work to right-size generators for the job site. Moving away from the one-size-fits-all mentality will create opportunities for improved operations. Rental houses are starting to implement multiple smaller generators across a job site. Strategically placing several generators around the site to provide power when and where it’s needed ultimately saves run time, prevents downtime and gets the job done in a timely manner.

This is a move toward having more on-demand power as opposed to abundant power. It’s more economical and a smarter way to power job sites of the future.

Q. What are the basics for being successful in generator rentals?

A. Right sizing rentals is key. Rental companies stand to save time, money and frustrations by ensuring the customer is using a properly sized generator for their need. While a larger generator may rent for more money — potentially growing top line business — an improperly sized generator means your bottom line will suffer in the end.

Q. How is Allmand helping rental houses be successful?

A. At Allmand, we want to be a full-service partner to our rental house customers. To that end, we recently introduced several new models of our Maxi-Power™ Generator line. Our new 65 and 150 kVA models expand our generator portfolio to offer customers the versatile job site power they need.

Q. What differentiates the Maxi-Power line for rental houses?

A. The generators are built with a durable, oversized alternator for easy motor starting. Delivering 65 and 150 kVA prime power, the units are equipped with a Tier 4 Final engines and have a deep-sea controller for easier diagnostic readings.

With a frequency switch for flexibility of job site power needs and 15-inch tires for longer wear and greater towing capabilities, the 65 and 150 are critical additions to Allmand’s generator offerings and enable customers more options for right-sizing their job site power.