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This page is dedicated to any and all causes that are at the heart of Allmand and its employees. It is intended to not only raise awareness but to inspire support and action.

Allmand Back 9 Night-Lite Golf Fundraiser Benefits Give2Grow

Allmand hosted a Back 9 Night-Lite Golf Fundraiser on August 17th at the Holdrege Country Club. It took a total of sixty-one Night-Lite PRO II™ V-Series® light towers to light up the back nine and eighteen 4-person teams competed in this unique event.

Allmand made the decision to host a golf tournament to celebrate its 75th year in business as well as a thank you to its vendors and chose to light up the back nine of the Holdrege Country Club for a unique opportunity to showcase their portable light towers. Knowing it would require a lot of manpower in order to place the light towers on the course, Allmand decided to take advantage of the opportunity and host a second tournament (the following night) as a benefit event, allowing area golfers to compete and have a unique experience.

Finding out the best use of the charitable proceeds led Allmand to contribute the $3,079.76 in proceeds from the tournament to the Phelps County Community Foundation's challenge incentive pool of funds for Give2Grow - Phelps County Match Day 2013. By contributing to the incentive match pool of funds, each of the 45 participating non-profit organizations will receive a pro-rated share of the incentive match pool. Allmand felt this was a great way to spread the charitable dollars raised for the benefit.

The Phelps County Community Foundation will host its 2nd giving day on Thursday, November 21. Forty-five (45) local non-profit organizations will be raising funds during this one-day giving event. An incentive match pool of funds of over $105,000 will grow your gifts when you contribute to Give2Grow Phelps County on November 21. For more information visit

Tiny Hands International

Tiny Hands International is a Christian non-profit organization called particularly to orphans, street kids, and victims of sex trafficking in Nepal and Southern Asia. Allmand has given its employees the opportunity to make a difference by giving to Tiny Hands International through an automatic payroll deduction and pre-tax benefit of charitable giving.

Here is an article published in Tiny Hands International newsletter about Matt Allmand:

After he returned home from a business trip to India some years ago, the image of a little girl climbing a garbage pile kept coming to Matt Allmand's mind. "I couldn't stop seeing that little girl and just kept asking myself the question, 'what can I do?" He shared his dilemma with Chris Schleich, a long-time supporter of Tiny Hands, and Chris said, "You have to meet Doug Dworak."

That meeting precipitated the beginning of an association with Tiny Hands. Allmand, president of the family-owned Allmand Bros., Inc., a manufacturing company in Holdrege, Nebraska, now serves on the board of Tiny Hands. He is also a board member of Langham Partnership (a ministry founded by John Stott), and the Holdrege School Board. He brings a unique business perspective to our ministry. We rely on Matt for his fundraising and financial expertise and his unique sense of humor.

But it's his heart for the Lord and for His people that most stands out when you talk with Matt. "At the end of my days I want to say I did something to prevent the greatest injustices in the world." The core issue of injustice, Matt said, is that some cultures do not live in truth. Their people do not know Jesus. Poverty is another symptom of lack of gospel truth. Matt's whole family has become involved in the work of Tiny Hands. They've held product parties in their home, sponsored little girls, and pray for girls through the ministry of One Girl. "When our girls say their prayers at night, going through all the names of the girls they pray for, it sounds like they're praying in a foreign language."

For information on how you can become involved with  Tiny Hands International, please visit their website,