The Maxi-Heat® MH500iQ™ is designed to provide heat in harsh conditions with two independently operating heater units providing up to a combined 1,000,000 BTUs of heat. The iQ system automatically calibrates each heater unit so you don't have to change nozzles or test and retest with a smoke spot tester. The iQ system continuously monitors the heater, producing a higher degree of fuel efficiency with less soot and smoke. With a Fluid Containment System (FCS) and a single cell, double wall steel fuel tank, this heater is a top choice for worry free jobsites.

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iQ System

Automatically calibrates burner for temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. Provides damper setting on color display and information on efficiency, target, and actual outlet temperatures.

Twin heater units

Twin heater units, producing a maximum of 1,000,000 combined BTUs, may be operated independently depending on heating requirements. Standard 16 inch heater outlet flanges and optional flexible ducting provide a wide variety of heat distribution options..

Operate Single Burner Ability

Operates single burner at 515,000 BTUs

Flange Outlets

16" or dual 12" duct flange outlets

Reversible Coupler

Adjustable height 2" Bulldog® and 3" pintle

Fluid Containment System (FCS)

Now equipped with a Fluid Containment System and double-wall single-cell metal fuel tank that holds up to 110% of all on-board fluids, the MH500iQ is ready for the harshest of conditions.


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Thermostat Package
– Remote Thermostat
– Lead extension


2 5/16" Bulldog® Hitch


Lockable Battery Disconnect

Intake Air Shutdown 


Custom Paint


(Customer supplied – consult factory)