Service & WARRANTY Information

Warranty Procedure

To submit a warranty claim please follow the below steps:

  1. Download Warranty Claim Form 
  2. Fill out information
  3. Save Form
  4. Send Warranty Claim Form to

Remember to call the Service & Warranty Department - (308) 995-4495 - before servicing or repairing equipment. Please have a customer name, equipment serial #, hours, and a description of the problem ready before calling. 

How to read your serial number:

0001 indicates numerical order of which the machine was built.
PRO2V indicates the product model. In this case, it is a Night-Lite PRO II Vertical light tower. Examples include MXL (Maxi-Lite) | TLB425 | MXH (Maxi-Heat) | AB (Eclipse Arrowboard) | PRO (Night-Lite PRO)
14 indicates the year your machine was manufactured. 
*Please be prepared to give a parts representative your product serial number in order to better assist you.

Allmand Warranty Procedure

International Warranties

Product Warranties

Warranty FAQs:

When does the warranty period start for my machine?
The warranty period starts from the date of invoice to the original purchaser.

What are the warranty procedures and where can I get a warranty claim form?
The procedures and warranty claim can be found on our website under "Support".

Is everything covered under the Allmand warranty policy?
No. Allmand's warranty policy covers parts manufactured by Allmand. Other components (e.g. engines, generators, etc.) are covered under their respective manufactures' warranty policy.