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How to find your serial number: 

0001 indicates numerical order of which the machine was built.
PRO2V indicates the product model. In this case, it is a Night-Lite PRO II Vertical light tower. Examples include MXL (Maxi-Lite) | TLB425 | MXH (Maxi-Heat) | AB (Eclipse Arrowboard) | PRO (Night-Lite PRO)
14 indicates the year your machine was manufactured. 
*Please be prepared to give a parts representative your product serial number in order to better assist you.

Important Update:
Users of Windows XP SP2 computers, which Microsoft stopped supporting in July 2010, will not be able to use our parts ordering system, Documoto, after the upgrade. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Product Manuals

If you need to consult a parts manual for an Allmand product which is not on Allmand Direct, you can access additional Allmand product parts manuals in PDF format here: Product Manuals.

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Allmand is required by law to collect sales tax in US states in which we have a presence, unless the purchaser is tax exempt and provides a copy of their state-issued tax exempt resale certificate. In states where Allmand is NOT required to collect sales tax (except those that have no state sales tax), a tax liability statement indicating that the non-exempt purchaser is responsible for all state or local taxes must be on file with Allmand prior to processing and shipping your initial order. Click here for Tax Liability Letter if needed (PDF) Fax copies of your exempt resale certificate or liability letter to 308-995-4883, Attn: Parts Department.

Allmand Parts Policy (PDF copy)

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